A unique blend of traditional and contemporary music

Staff Reporter

Shillong, Sep 17: A young, aesthetic man deeply rooted in Khasi culture, Anderson Damonlang Warlarpih, son of Antony War and Magdalyne Warlarpih, was born on April 17, 1991 in Mawlai, Shillong. He has an immense love for Khasi folk song and Khasi music which is reflected in his songs. A humble and down to earth artiste, Anderson was drawn to music from a very young age and he started singing in church from where his journey in music began. He focuses on Khasi contemporary and Khasi folk music but he also explores other genres such a western music and bollywood music as well.

During the initial stage, his uncle Polycarpus Warlarpih was a constant supporter and mentor. Anderson learnt the basics from him and sometimes visited his uncle in his music school to learn and help him. After mastering the basic skills, he then tried on new things with his instruments. He plays the guitar, piano/keyboard, ukulele and duitara. He considers himself a  ‘self  taught’ musician. An interesting fact about him is that, though he studied commerce in college, he never neglected his passion for music even though he knew very well about the struggles of a local artiste. Rather, it was during these years that he was even more determined and involved in music. As a singer-songwriter, he has written and composed many songs for the church,the different choirs of the church, schools,colleges and a few individuals. He is an active member of the Choral Evangelist Choir (Mawlai) which has participated in many events and competitions. He is also the lead vocalist of the band Equinox. As a band, they perform gigs at various restaurants and cafes in Shillong, wedding events and at numerous local festivals. He is a huge fan of Jason Mraz and our very own Desmond Sun.

The 29 year old is a hardworking young man and this has led to some success. In 2011, he represented Meghalaya at Delhi with Silbi Passah as one of her members of her Jaintia group. As a composer, he was able to secure the Choral Evangelist Choir the first prize in the Choir competition held at Nongsder in 2012 in which they sang his original Christmas song ‘To kmen’. In 2014, he participated in the NE’body can sing representing his state and was a finalist. In 2016, he released his debut single ‘Ko Baieid Jong Nga’ which received 3.5 lakhs likes on his YouTube channel, Anderson Warlarpih.

In 2017, he was a member of the Shillong Choral led by Augustine Kurbah which had the opportunity to sing background scores in the bollywood movie ‘Jagga  Jassos’  directed by Anurag Basu.  He is also one of the playback singers in the song ‘Aiom Sniew’ from the Khasi movie ‘Jingmaham’, which was released in 2018.

The year 2019 proved to be yet another fruitful year for him as he got a chance to sing in the Khasi song ‘Corina’ from the Khasi movie “Iewduh’ directed by Pradip Kurbah. That same year, he also did a background score for another Bollywood movie ‘Article 15’ directed by Anubhav Singha.

This year, he released his second single, ‘Kyndit’ which is an awakening call for humanity which is available on his YouTube Channel. These are some of his achievements as a music artiste. However, he has another single to be released soon in October.