ASHA workers threaten to cease Covid-19 work

Nongpoh, June 11: The ASHA workers who are an integral part of the state’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic have now threatened to cease work if the state government fails to clear their long pending dues.
In this regard, the Accredited Social Health Activities (ASHA’s) of Meghalaya has served a one week deadline to the government to comply with this demand, failing which it has threatened that the ASHA workers will be compelled to stop rendering their services in COVID-19 duties.
“The ASHA fraternity has been selflessly rendered its valuable services to mankind in terms of healthcare and other public services, but their services have not been recognized till date by the government,” the president of the Meghalaya ASHA Workers Union, Mirajone Myrsing said today.
She also informed that even though the Union has been urging the state government to expedite the clearance of their honorarium since 2012, the ASHAS have only received a minimal part of this till date in spite of assurances made by Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma that the pending dues from 2012 to 2018 will be released.
“We are supposed to receive an honorarium of Rs 2000 per month depending on their daily performance but however they are receiving only Rs 1500 per month. We have never received a sum of Rs. 2000 and some of us who have problems performing our duty due to health reasons even have our honorariums deducted,” she added.
She also pointed out that while taking on the extra burden of Covid-19 duty, the ASHA workers still have to carry on with their normal duties, both tasks which they are performing without complaining.
Stating that they only want the government to clear the dues which are rightfully theirs, the ASHA workers said that in the absence of this, they will have no other option but to stop rendering their help in Covid-19 related duties.