AYC for more women police in Garo Hills

Tura, June 14: The Achik Youth Council (AYC) has submitted a letter to Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma, seeking an increase in the staff strength of the Women’s Police stations across Garo Hills.
As per the NGO, most Women’s PS in Garo Hills are running at minimum strength and this is proving very difficult for the maintenance of daily public order, particularly in matters related to women.
“The maximum number of women police officers is in Shillong. Here in Garo Hills, however, the workforce is not as per the population. The role of women police has been steadily increasing but the numbers required for maintaining public order, has still been worked on for Garo Hills,” said general secretary, Maxbirth G Momin today.
Momin asserted that the arrest of women and their search needs to be done only by women officers as does sexual assault cases that fall under POCSO or otherwise.
“Even juvenile delinquents are better handled by women police officers as they are more compassionate and communicative with children. They cannot manage a large population with few employees,” he added.
Momin stated that the government needed to recognize the problem being faced by policewomen who are stretched to their end in the lack of an adequate force.