Bernard deeply concerned over felling of trees

Tura, July 21: Tura MDC Bernard Marak has expressed his concern over the rampant felling of trees in the Chisobibra Guest House that belongs to the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC).
As per reports, at least 4 huge trees, mostly sal and teak were cut down allegedly without any permission from the authorities concerned from premises.
Bernard had yesterday posted photos of the destruction that took place where over 100 year old trees were sawn off. On his Facebook post, the MDC questioned as to who provided permission for the cutting down of trees from within the compound.
Garo Hills has been ravaged by timber smuggling which has been taking place all across the region, with the timber, either going to Assam or to neighbouring Bangladesh. The Tura MDC, who paid a visit to the site of the incident expressed shock over the developments.
“There seems to have been an unwritten understanding between the Council authorities, including a highly placed MDC from the ruling coalition and the lessee that allowed for the cutting of these trees. When we confronted the employees, they said they were given verbal consent to do so. However, how can they cut trees on a verbal order?” asked Bernard.
The timber has apparently been seized and taken to the Rongrenggre by the forest department after information on the matter went viral. The alleged verbal order was given even without the knowledge of the CFO of GHADC with the same being ordered by the lessee, as per sources.
Bernard pointed out the gravity of the matter and questioned as to how the GHADC, which is supposed to be the vanguard of forest reserves is now actually being accused of illegal felling.
“The Council authorities must respond and not only clarify but act against those responsible for this unwanted act,” stated Bernard.
GHADC authorities, despite many efforts made, were unavailable for comment.