Boy’s death lands principal in the soup

Williamnagar, Sept 22: The parents of Cherian Bimik M Sangma, the 14-year-old who lost his life after he was crushed under a log during school in Williamnagar, have filed a police complaint against the principal, Fr Melwyn Fernandes.
The FIR was filed by the parents of the victim in Rongjeng police station in East Garo Hills district, yesterday.
The incident is said to have taken place at about 10:45 AM yesterday.
In their complaint, the parents accused the principal of corporal punishment of the students. The father of the victim is an employee in the Williamnagar Civil Hospital, the same place where the lifeless body of his son was brought after the incident.
“In the name of punishment, some of the boys were made to carry heavy logs from one place to another despite their protests that the logs were too heavy for them to carry. The principal refused to listen to them and it is at this time that my son was crushed under the weight of the log as he was unable to bear the weight,” said the father in the FIR.
Terming the act of the principal criminal in nature, the parents have appealed to police authorities for his arrest.