Covid claims eight lives on Wednesday

Shillong, June 16: Eight persons have died of Covid-19 today taking the death toll to 758 in the state.
According to the Director of Health Services (MI) Dr Aman War, seven deaths were reported from East Khasi Hills district and one from East Garo Hills district.
The state has also recorded 495 new Covid-19 cases and with this, the total number of active cases stands at 4,464.
Dr War said the new cases include 122 in East Khasi Hills, 91 South West Khasi Hills, 74 West Garo Hills, 64 Ri Bhoi, 32 North Garo Hills, 26 East Garo Hills, 23 West Jaintia Hills, 20 West Khasi Hills, 20 South Garo Hills, 19 South West Garo Hills and 4 East Jaintia Hills.
He also informed that as many as 453 patients have also recovered from the viral infection during the past 24 hours.
Of these, 222 are from East Khasi Hills, 53 West Garo Hills, 51 Ri Bhoi, 29 West Jaintia Hills, 29 South West Garo Hills, 24 South West Khasi Hills, 12 East Jaintia Hills, 10 North Garo Hills, 9 East Garo Hills, 7 West Khasi Hills and 7 South Garo Hills.
So far, a total of 43,254 Covid-19 cases have been detected in the state out of which 4,464 are active cases, 38,032 recovered while there have been 758 deaths.
With 1,503 active Covid-19 cases, East Khasi Hills, that includes state capital Shillong, is the worst affected district in the state, followed by West Garo Hills with 699 cases and 585 West Jaintia Hills.
There are 367 cases in Ri Bhoi, 238 South West Garo Hills, 255 North Garo Hills, 284 South West Khasi Hills, 186 East Garo Hills, 159 West Khasi Hills, 119 South Garo Hills and 69 East Jaintia Hills.