Covid death toll in Meghalaya rises by 24

Shillong, May 19: Twenty-four more persons have succumbed to Covid-19, pushing the total death tally in the state to 379 today.
Of these, 17 are from East Khasi Hills district, 4 West Jaintia Hills district, 1 East Garo Hills district, 1 East Jaintia Hills district and 1 Ri Bhoi district, Director of Health Services (MI) Dr Aman War said.
The state has also recorded yet another single-day spike of 872 new cases, pushing the number of active cases to 5,769.
Dr War said the new cases include 571 in East Khasi Hills, 22 East Garo Hills, 25 East Jaintia Hills, 21 North Garo Hills, 60 Ri Bhoi, 8 South Garo Hills, 40 South West Garo Hills, 9 South West Khasi Hills, 68 West Garo Hills, 37 West Jaintia Hills and 11 West Khasi Hills.
He also informed that of 411 patients who recovered from the viral infection, 265 from East Khasi Hills, 1 East Garo Hills, 23 East Jaintia Hills, 7 North Garo Hills, 43 Ri Bhoi, 7 North Garo Hills, 5 South Garo Hills, 5 South West Garo Hills, 1 South West Khasi Hills, 49 West Garo Hills, 4 West Jaintia Hills and 8 West Khasi Hills.
So far, a total of 25,744 Covid-19 cases have been detected in the state out of which 5,769 are active cases, 19,596 recovered while there have been 379 deaths.
With 3,365 active Covid-19 cases, East Khasi Hills, that includes state capital Shillong, is the worst affected district in the state, followed by Ri Bhoi with 689 cases.
There are 461 cases in West Garo Hills, 385 West Jaintia Hills, 233 South West Garo Hills, 217 East Jaintia Hills, 172 West Khasi Hills, 84 North Garo Hills, 63 South Garo Hills, 63 East Garo Hills and 37 South West Khasi Hills.
On the other hand, of the 5,19,311 persons who have undergone Covid-19 testing in the state as on date, 4,93,567 were tested negative for the virus even as 1,077 persons are in institutional quarantine and 4,692 under home quarantine.
There are 1,18,964 entrants from outside the state.
28,357 healthcare workers had received the first dose of Covishield vaccine and 19,425 had received the second dose, while 76,751 frontline workers got the first shot of the vaccine and 26,424 got the second dose as of today.
Moreover, 2,35,386 persons from among the general public were vaccinated with the first dose and 28,243 were inoculated with the second dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 across the state.