DC to look into absence of teachers in 26 schools

Tura, Jun 10: The new Deputy Commissioner of South Garo Hills (SGH) has promised to inquire into twenty-six schools which social activist, Greneth Sangma says have been without any school teacher.
The revelation comes in the wake of the Centre’s Performance Grading Index ranking Meghalaya among the worst performing states of the country in the education sector.
The current situation, as per the activist comes in the wake of the sacking of contractual teachers by the state’s education department.
The DC, who was apprised of the matter by the activist, said that he would take a review of the situation before giving a statement.
“The matter is extremely sensitive in nature and as such needs complete verification. It is too early to comment,” said the DC.
The activist has been in the forefront of efforts to unravel negligence in the education scenario and his travels across the district not only revealed the saddening situation but pointed to negligence by education authorities to the plight of the schools and infrastructure.
As per the activist at least 26 schools were shut due to lack of teachers and working infrastructure.
The schools mentioned by the activist include the Rompa Asim Government LP School, Darit Asim Government LP School, Chramgre Government LP School, Warima Government LP School, Tolegre Government LP School, Tebilgre Government LP School, Rongsu Rongrogittim Government LP School, Rongsu Rongwak Government LP School, Mon Rongsinagre Government LP School, Rongsu Agal Government LP School, Mon Bangamgre Government LP School, Mahadeo Warma Government LP School. Ampangdamgre Government LP School, Eman Durabanda Government LP School, Darengsagre Government LP School, Darenggre Government LP School, Chutmang Hangsapal Governemt LP School, Nanilgre Government LP School, Taidang Government LP School, Pasgao Government LP School, Rongchol Wachol Government LP School, Karawengre Government LP School, Sawekolgre Government LP School, Mongmabel Government LP School, Rompa Songmong Government LP School and Rongmarekmanggre Government LP School.
“These schools have shut down due to lack of teachers after the government’s decision to terminate contractual teachers while not appointing new teachers in their place. The above-mentioned schools also lack infrastructure and despite repeated efforts to draw the attention of the education authorities, nothing has been done to take care of the situation,” alleged Greneth.
Garo Hills, despite the presence of very good schools, has been reeling in underperformance in the education sector with pass percentages hardly going beyond 30 across the region against very high numbers for the Khasi – Jaintia Hills. The matter has been one of concern though, despite efforts, nothing much seems to be coming off it.