Delay in MCS results


I am one of the candidates who are awaiting the MCS mains result.

The reason for the delay in the declaration of the results is that eight candidates, who had disputed the Preliminary results of the MCS exam conducted by the MPSC way back in July 2018, had once again filed another petition asking the High Court not to allow the declaration of the results for the 327candidates.  

Nearly 16 MCS officers ( Nominated or Non-Nominated) have retired and one expired ever since the MCS advertisement was published on July 24, 2017 and more will retire by March 31, 2021.

The aggrieved candidates can urge the High Court to order the state government to advertise in February or March through the MPSC for those posts which are to fall vacant by this financial year-end and also order age relaxation to 40 years  for STs applying for State Civil Services (SCS) Eg:- MCS, MPS, MFS, MFoS like other North Eastern states and till 39 years (on a calculated average)  for other government jobs from Grade 4 to Grade 1 sans SCs or STs like the other seven North Eastern states for candidates applying for any government job in Meghalaya.

They can check from the State Public Service Commission’s websites respectively of all the seven North Eastern states for ST age relaxation. This will cover all future youths seeking government jobs in Meghalaya, including the aggrieved candidates, for age  relaxation not only for the SCS jobs but for all other government jobs. The SCS (MCS) exams and other allied SCS exams need to be conducted every 4 or 5 years as is being done in other states and not once every 10 years or so as is currently being done in Meghalaya for which many candidates do not get a second chance of applying for SCS exams for which Meghalaya has the least age relaxation for ST’s at 32 years when compared to other North Eastern states like Mizoram, Sikkim, Assam, Manipur, and Tripura whose age relaxation for ST’s start from 39 years and end at 45 years for all types of government posts. So we request the aggrieved candidates to fight for these issues.

We are tired, weary and totally fed up with all the delay right from the delay in conducting the main exams, to the delay in the declaration of the results.

We humbly urge and plead to the Honourable High Court to allow for the MCS mains results to be declared because we cannot be collectively punished for something that we did not do and for which the state government should advertise new MCS posts which have become vacant and will be vacant from July 24, 2017 to March 31, 2021 for these eight aggrieved candidates and for the other youths to solve this issue. Almost all of us, in general, had prepared for about 6 months for the MCS Preliminary Exam, 15 months for the MCS Mains Exam in which all the State Civil Services (SCS) exams of the MPSC for which MCS falls under SCS mirrors the exam pattern like the Civil Services Exams (CSE) of the UPSC. These exams are not ordinary job exams but extraordinary job exams which require a dedicated preparation of one year. So, a re-conduct of such exams is out of the question and should never be entertained by the Honourable Meghalaya High Court so we cannot repeat such a task of re-preparation again considering the time, finance and the age of these 327 candidates for which these litigators appear to attempt to be doing and we also ask for the aggrieved candidates to convert their petition from delay in result declaration to advertising new MCS posts by the state government from July 2017 to March 31, 2021 and finally to increase the age eligibility to 40 years for those applying for SCS and 39 years for those for all other government jobs for which the ndigenous STs of Meghalaya and future generations will be ever grateful to you.

M. Lyngdoh
Jaiaw, Shillong – 2