Demand for C&RD Block office at Mawhati

Nongpoh, July 11: The MDC of Mawhati, Charles Marngar has demanded that the state government sets up an office of the Community and Rural Development Block in Mawhati.
Marngar made this demand yesterday while informing that the residents of the villages around Mawhati are presently facing great difficulty to reach their respective C&RD Blocks in pursuit of different development schemes which can be of great benefit to them.
“I have heard many grievances of the local people here, especially the representatives of villages and it is very clear that they need a C&RD block office at Mawhati as they are meeting lots of hurdles in seeking developmental projects for their villages, many of which are located far from Umsning C&RD Block and Bhoirymbong C&RD Block,” Marngar said.
He also said that as Mawhati is far from these C&RD blocks, this has resulted in the villages around Mawhati being left under-developed. “The Rangbah Shnongs have to incur a lot of expense in going to the C&RD blocks as they have to book vehicles to get there,” he said.
In this backdrop, Marngar has urged the state government to immediately set up a C&RD Block office at Mawhati for the benefit of the entire area.