Dhar construction accused of illegal dumping of waste

Mawkyrwat, Aug 11: The United Achik Youth Federation (UAYF) has accused Dhar Construction of illegally dumping soil and waste into the Ranikor River in South West Khasi Hills (SWKH) thereby destroying the biodiversity of the area in question.

In a press release today, UAYF president, Sangrra Marak brought the issue of illegal dumping to the notice of people after it found the construction company recklessly dumping earth right into the river body.

“The company has been constructing the NH from Ranikor to Baghmara via Moheskhola since 2018 but their act is causing serious issues to the water body by polluting and causing harm to the aquatic life of the river,” said Sangrra.

He added that the Ranikor river is serene and beautiful with innumerable fish within. The river is the longest navigable river in the state.

“Polluting the river for the benefit of the company is not acceptable. It is our duty to protect and to avoid biodiversity imbalances. The company could have arranged several other ways to dump the extracted earth but they are knowingly doing this to spoil the biodiversity,” he alleged.

Sangrra felt that the company would be the sole reason for the damage caused to Ranikor and they would not keep quiet and let further harm comes to the environment.

“The government bodies responsible for the conservation of water and aquatic animals should immediately investigate the matter and stop the reckless activities by Dhar company,” he asserted.