District admin fails to enforce containment measures

Jowai, June 14: The district administration of West Jaintia Hills has failed to enforce restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the district.
This was seen today at the Ïawthymme where around 20 traders violated the restrictions issued by the district administration by conducting business at this market place in spite of this activity being prohibited.
Interestingly, only four police personnel were present in the area under the command of a sub-inspector and these police personnel could not make any headway in their attempts to convince the traders to pack up their wares for the day.
The traders, under the banner of the Ri Lum Jaintia Traders Association (RLJTA) began business at around 8:30 am at the market which is located in at Dongmihsngi in Jowai.
These traders argue that they have been cut off from their livelihood and are forced to conduct business as they have expenses such as daily upkeep and the school fees of their children that they have to clear. “How will we be able to do this if we cannot conduct business?” one of the traders, Rida Thubru said.
“The lockdown has affected us greatly as we are cut off from our livelihood. We cannot provide meals for our children, we cannot pay rent and we cannot pay school fees,” another trader Gratify Shadap Manar added.
Meanwhile, the traders have demanded that the district administration permits the traders are at least allowed to conduct business two times a week so that they can be saved from starvation.
The Waheh Shnong of Dongmihsngi, Charemi Laloo said that till the filing of this report, the district administration has not accepted the terms of the traders. “We cannot open the Ïawthymme market because this area has been declared a Containment Area,” he added.
After a meeting with the Deputy Commissioner, Garod LSN Dykes, the president of the RLJTA, Paila Kordor Lyngkot informed that the DC has assured that attempts will be made to open the markets from Monday onwards under an odd-even system.
He also said that only those traders and drivers who have received Covid-19 vaccination will be allowed to conduct business.