District Magistrate warns night curfew violators

Shillong, June 26: The East Khasi Hills district administration has informed that there will be total ban on movement during the night curfew imposed with effect from Saturday as part of the containment measures in the district.
In an order issued today, District Magistrate Isawanda Laloo said any unauthorized movement during curfew hours from 7 pm to 5 am will be met with penalties.
This came after it was observed that the number of Covid-19 cases in the district is still very high and that the positivity rate is above 10 per cent.
The order said political, public, social and religious gatherings including conferences, meetings and trainings, weddings and sporting activities are not permitted.
Inter-district movement as well as movement to and from Shillong Urban Agglomeration is not permitted without valid passes except for restricted public transportation, it said adding that private vehicles plying without passes will be liable for strict penalties.
The order also informed that public transport in East Khasi Hills will be permitted at 20 per cent for urban and 30 per cent for rural areas and will be regulated.
Only vehicles permitted to ply on the said day will ply. Vaccination status of the driver should be clearly indicated in the vehicle.
Opening of essential and non-essential commercial establishments or shops or malls or other economic activities is permitted and will be regulated. All shops are required to indicate vaccination status of their staff in the shop premises.
The order further said in-situ construction activities in the district are permitted with due permission from this office and the Sub Divisional Officers (C)/Block Development Officers concerned.
However, other construction activities requiring movement of skilled manpower or labourers will be permitted only upon due application and permission from this office.
Home delivery or takeaway services, e-commerce activities and courier services are permitted and will be regulated via order No.C&S.2/CVD/2021/ORD/163 dated June 26, 2021.
Only Central Government offices as notified by Home (Political) Department and State Government offices as notified by Personnel & A.R (A) Department are permitted to open.
All Banks and Post offices are permitted to open with limited staff. Banks shall close by 4 PM and Post offices shall close by 2 PM.
Funeral gatherings should be restricted to 10 persons only, with prior permission from this office.
Agricultural activities and MGNREGA activities are permitted.
International border trade will be regulated by the Sub Divisional Officers (C) concerned with approval by the undersigned through a separate order.
Private offices and educational institutions required to open for emergent official works only may apply to this office and permission will be granted on a case-to-case basis.
The District Magistrate also informed that the number of cases will be under close watch for the next week and in the event that there is no respite or any upward trend in cases, more restrictions will be enforced.