Electric cars

Emission norms of 21st century not spectacular
Not much help to carbon footprint whatsoever,
So our state of Meghalaya launches a project
To resort to Elon Musk cars as did expect.
None to be blamed but our extravagant lifestyle
We never stop plundering earth for long while,
When Neil Armstrong did once lamented
The planet is blue but fragile don’t forget.
So this verse,
I wonder if long long afterwards
Some UFO’s in Universe,
They watch the man named Adam
Finally exits the planet earth.
The Boss hollered ‘Slek why you are absent?’
‘No sar sar please I beg be patient; at Fire Brigade my car coughs and not proceed
I checked my meter charging it need.
So I pushed it to the pump to charge, just to be welcome with stare so large’,
Babui dao phase nei hei to kia kareika
I replied back maei Boss Karom hooka.
Ultimately all need to go back to ancient
In the like of pony cart cow quite efficient,
But hey wait a minute they need grass
We would never escape fuel tax.

W Passah