Erection of boundary pillars opposed

Nongstoin, June 29: The Gare Mahari (clan members) of Khalu in West Khasi Hills (WKH) have strongly opposed the illegal erection of boundary pillars without the clan’s consent for scientific mining of coal within the Aking by some miscreants.
In a press communiqué, the Gare clan members said the move was made without the consent of their clan on their private land under Shallang PS under Nongstoin Syiemship in West Khasi Hills.
“After receiving information that boundary pillars have been constructed at the mining site, we conducted a spot inquiry and were shocked by the developments at the foothills of Asak Abri, on the banks of the Rongkai River,” said Zimychrist G Marak, a resident of the A’king.
The spot inquiry was conducted by the clan members yesterday, Jun 28.
The clan members added that it was learnt that some clan members, including the village Nokma and two agents were trying to transfer the land that belongs to them to some company to carry out scientific mining without any consent from them.
“They are doing this for their self-interest and malafide intentions. The legal ownership of the land belongs equally to all members of the clan,” claimed the Maharis.
Apparently, two meetings were conducted on the issue of whether the clan members would allow for a transfer of land to any agency or company. These meetings were held on Dec 3, 2020, and April 19, 2021.
“Majority of the clan members at the two meetings decided not to allow the land to anyone and accordingly resolutions have been unanimously made not to transfer a plot of land to anyone,” they added.
The clan members stated that they wanted to convey a message of all that the Gare Aking is private land and did not solely belong to anyone, including the Nokma, his agents or leaders of the Mahari Association. The land belongs to all members of the clan and no transfer would be made without the mutual consent of all – something that had to be agreed to by all members.
The clan members further condemned and opposed what they called an illegal act by the company/agency and asked them to withdraw/revoke the agreement made between some clan members and the agency.