FKJGP opposed to appointment of Aktar Ali

Tura, June 12: The FKJGP – Garo Hills Zone today expressed resentment over the appointment of the MDC from Zikzak MDC constituency, Aktar Ali, as the chairman of the forest advisory board in the Council.

The FKJGP, through a release today expressed its anger at the move while adding it was unwilling to accept the decision.

“His membership in the GHADC itself is unconstitutional so how can we accept him as the Chairman of the prestigious Forest Advisory Committee in GHADC? We demand that he must be immediately removed from the post and be replaced by genuine Garo MDC,” said general secretary of the FKJGP, Raksrang Sangma.

The NGO reminded that earlier, another non-tribal MDC was made the vice-chairman of the forest department in the previous EC and was accused of interference in the raids conducted by the GHADC officials on illegal sawmills being operated in the plain belt region.

“The same confrontation may occur if he (Ali) is appointed as the Chairman,” he added.

The FKJGP alleged that it noticed that most illegal sawmills and timber smugglers in the plain belt were from being controlled by non-Garo people from Assam and felt that Ali’s appointment would be a blessing in disguise for these criminals.

The NGO moved that the MDC be removed from the post of chairman of the Forest Advisory Committee with immediate effect with the post being filled by a tribal MDC. Further, they also asked that no non-tribal should be given any portfolios in the GHADC.