Good roads essential for devp: JYF

Jowai, Feb 7:
The Jaintia Youth Front (JYF) has pointed out that good road communication is an essential pre-requisite of the development that the Meghalaya government is always harping about.

“Is it right to speak about development on every platform when roads which are the backbone of this development are left unattended to for so many years,” the JYF remarked today.

This statement comes after an inspection on the condition of the road from Myntdu bridge to Mawphlang, Amlarem, Pdengshakap, Amlari, Muktapur on to Muktapur and Dawki that was carried out by the JYF. It pointed out how this is causing immense hardship to locals. JYF has urged the state government to pursue the repair of roads in the War area.