Govt urges citizens to opt for Covid jab

Shillong, April 20: Expressing concern over the ‘alarming’ Covid-19 situation in Meghalaya, health authorities in state today urged all eligible citizens to get themselves vaccinated.
Addressing a live press conference, Director of Health Services (MI) Dr Aman War said that the situation in the state is alarming and that the state has witnessed a sudden surge in Covid-19 cases.
“This is a pandemic and it is still a pandemic, nobody has ever declared that the pandemic is over,” he said.
“If we go by the protective measures, I am definite that we can arrest and contain the situation,” Dr War said.
Asserting the need for people to understand the importance of getting vaccinated, he said, “I will say bluntly – vaccinate before it is too late. The vaccine is going to protect us and prevent the spread of Covid-19.”
The DHS however said that in spite of being vaccinated there is every possibility that “we can still be infected.”
“Therefore there is need to follow the 3 Ws – wash your hands, wear your mask and watch your distance – even after getting vaccinated,” he said.
Another doctor in the panel said the vaccine is not a cure and that is why even after being vaccinated there have been cases of Covid-19 positive.
“What the vaccine will do is reduce the severity if by the unfortunate circumstance that you happen to contract the virus, it will reduce the severity in you but it will not cure. So even after being fully vaccinated you still need to follow precautions,” he said.
According to health officials, the state has over 80,000 doses of vaccines and is waiting to soon get another batch of vaccines.
Medical specialist of Dr H Gordon Roberts hospital Dr Meban Kharkongor on the other hand warned that the worse is yet to come if people do not change their behavior.
“Unless we become very strict with how we conduct ourselves with other people, the worse is yet to come, so that is the take home message from this discussion,” he said.
The health officials also admitted that there high percentage of positive cases among the returnees from outside the state.
They also informed that the state is also waiting for the report on genome sequencing.
Meanwhile, Dr War also informed that the district hospitals have Covid-19 wing.
“The best place for a Covid hospital is the TB hospital at Umsawli and we are working on that. As fast as possible we want to ramp up so that we have our own Covid hospital in Shillong and then expand to other districts also,” he said.