GSU, GSMC members deny joining BJP

Tura, Oct 10: The Garo Students’ Union, Phulbari regional unit and the Garoland State Movement Committee (GSMC) has refuted claims made by Tura MDC, Bernard Marak that more than 300 members, including members of the two social organizations had joined the party recently.
Earlier today, the Tura MDC had posted that one John Keats Sangma had joined the organization (BJP) along with 300 members, including the NGO members, even posting a photo in this regard. The 300 that joined were apparently supporters of the Congress in the constituency of Phulbari.
The GSMC and GSU however refuted the claims stating that they had gone to the program for moral support to John Keats at Phulbari.
“The statement by the Tura MDC is completely false. We object to such misleading information that was used to garner public support for their party. We had only gone there to support our fellow brethren, who is also a social activist. We have not joined any political party and are not involved in politics,” said the two NGOs through a press release today.