Headmen slammed for statement against Lamare

Shillong, Aug 2: Residents of Ri-Bhoi district falling under Block II including the Syiem of Raid Nongtung Newell Shadap have condemned the statement made by the president of Synjuk ki Rangbah Shnong and headman of Sabuda village Blik Sohtun demanding an apology from the local MLA Dasakhiat Lamare for praising the Assam government and its police.
Earlier, Sohtun had demanded that Fisheries Minister, Dasakhiat Lamare should apologize to the residents of border areas for his ‘irresponsible statement’ and for praising the Assam police despite encroachment in Meghalaya territory from time to time.
Shadap said that the allegations made by members of Synjuk Ki Rangbah Shnong led by Sohtun that Lamare has never been there to assist the residents during the crisis is very wrong and such statements coming from headmen are not acceptable. “Hence we urge them to take back such statements made against the minister,” Shadap said today.
He added that from day one since Lamare became MLA and minister, the region has seen many developmental activities and many people have benefited from it.
“Just because minister Lamare did not publicize his developmental activities, it doesn’t mean that he has never been there for his people” said Shadap.
Shadap said that the Synjuk should take back its statement demanding an apology from Lamare and that they should thoroughly examine what the minister has done for his people before making irresponsible comments. He added that it is wrong to accuse Lamare of not speaking up against the intrusion of Assam into Meghalaya and for this the Synjuk ki Rangbah Shnong should take back to statement made against the minister.
“We are not asking the Synjuk ki Rangbah Shnong to apologize but we want them to come up publicly and take back the statement demanding an apology from the minister as this has tarnished his image as the minister from time to time has done whatever possible from his side to bring peace in the border areas” he added.
Meanwhile, Shadap said that it is wrong to accuse the minister of staying mum on the intrusion of Assam to Meghalaya as the minister from time to time physically and verbally has intervened to bring peace in the border areas.
He added that people must understand that the border dispute cannot be solved by the MLA or minister alone as it is the responsibility of both state governments to come up with an amicable solution to end the border disputes.