Hope our karatekas win medals at all levels in 2021

For Ksan Kupar Warjri, general secretary of the All Meghalaya Karate-Do Association and treasurer of the Meghalaya State Olympic Association, it is hope, not despair that defines the time of pandemic. Warjri had plans to conduct tournaments at school, college and state levels this year. The lockdown changed the course of life. So, he chose to spend more time with his family and cook for them and stay fit.

How was your experience this year?
The year is difficult for all of us and many difficulties were faced in the first half. Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic put all sporting activities to a standstill, ours included. However, with it we have learned the importance of being patient and also the value of family.

What new projects have you worked on?
We have not yet started any new project.

How have sports industries in NE suffered?
The states of Assam and Manipur have the best infrastructure and proportionally the quality of sportspersons they have is at a good level. On the other hand, the other states are not as well endowed, I think we should put more effort into this field.

What are to be achieved in 2021?
For 2021, we hope that our karatekas will participate and win medals at all levels of competition such as zonal, national and international tournaments.

Make a wish: In 2021, there will be…
May 2021 bring new happiness, good health, new goals, new achievements and success of Covid-19 vaccine to enable us to get back to normalcy.