Jerry Berg Marbaniang – Honing a God given talent

Staff Reporter

Shillong, Sep 29: Jerry Berg Marbaniang – An aspiring singer, musician and songwriter, was born and brought up in Shillong, Meghalaya. From a very young age, music has been rooted into his very being. Since then his passion for music along with his capabilities and experience have all witnessed an improvement. However, he feels he should still strive to refine his God-given talents and use them to their fullest potential.

He expressed his gratitude to God for all the doors of opportunity that had opened for him. His parents and family in general play a major role in helping him become what he is today.

“From when I was a child, seeing other musicians perform ignited a spark in my musical interests and hence I decided to see what music had in store for me”, Jerry said.

It was Adorbha Shangpliang who took him under his wing and opened his eyes to the beauty of each and every note according to him. After years of learning the craft he was later invited to join the band, ‘Mane’. Through this experience and guidance, became the factors that inspired him to later form his band aptly named ‘THE ALIVE’.

Jerry is comfortable with Gospel music, Folk music and R&B. It was only recently that he started to write songs which help him express his feelings and it gives him immense pleasure to see people relate with these songs. It serves as motivation for him to further pursue his career in music.

Two of his original songs ‘I Mei’ and ‘Shano Ngan Phai’ have been posted on his Youtube channel Jerry Berg Music. At times when it seems like all hope is lost, the only remaining assurance according to him, is his recent original song ‘Shano Ngan Phai’. It is a song that represents the feelings that one might have in this ongoing pandemic.

“What we have is our God, Jesus Christ, He will always be watching over us. All our problems fade away as He is the calm in the storm. I really hope this song is a blessing to everyone who will hear it,” he says.

A few of his projects are still underway and they will all be released on his Youtube channel. “My team and I have worked really hard to perfectly execute our ideas so that the people who listen to the songs will be entertained. My journey on Youtube as an artist, will not be possible without Benjoe Joeben Production as they have helped in the production of my videos and have further expanded the channel to reach a wider range of audience,” says Jerry.