KSU supports demand for upgrade of Mawsynram C&RD Block

Shillong, July 20: The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) South West Khasi Hills District has extended its support to the demand made by Mawsynram legislator HM Shangpliang and various NGOs for immediate up-grade of Mawsynram Community and Rural Development Block to a Civil Sub Division.
Terming demand as a long term aspiration of the rural populace for the past 20 years, KSU president of South West Khasi Hills District, Forwardman Nongrem however said till date nothing has materialized and so the Union is currently bound to follow the issue closely till it is realized.
“As a civil sub-division is the only realistic way of bringing the administration closer to the people and as the present MDA government under the leadership of Conrad K Sangma has stated that it is a people’s government hence, we strongly convey our message to the state government to listen to the demands made by the residents of Mawsynram by not putting up any conditions because the region is equipped with various government offices and other criteria which are needed to be upgraded into a civil subdivision,” he said.
The Mawsynram Community and Rural Development comprise 164 villages with a total population of 54,109 (Census 2011). It is one of the oldest C&RD blocks and will turn 59 years old this year.
He further stated that the landforms or surface configuration of a region or in short the Topography of Mawsynram Community and Rural Development Block justify the reiteration demand to upgrade into a full-fledged Civil Sub Division.
“The distance of the border areas to the district headquarter in Shillong and the poor connectivity in terms of road and communication are the key factors causing hindrances to reach out to development and therefore justifies the fact that administration has to be brought closer to the people,” Nongrem added.
He also said Mawsynram Community and Rural Development Block covers the area of 510km square, which is worth justifying the demand of the rural populace for up-gradation of this Block into a Civil Sub Division.