Leopard cub rescued

Jowai, Oct 3: A cub leopard was rescued at Lakroh MHEP on Friday by two men.
Dapmon Pohtam and Eddy Kery Pohtam found the cub wandering around alone while they were cleaning the campus of the powerhouse. Worried that the cub would fall into the wrong hands, the two men took it into their custody and informed the wildlife wing of forest department. Eddy later handed over the cub to the Range Officer of Jowai today so that the necessary care and examination could be done.
Eddy is also the president of the Jaintia Students’ Union-War Jaintia Circle and has time and again expressed concern over the rampant hunting of wild animals in the area in spite of this being deemed illegal under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. “I urge such people to immediately desist from this illegality. We need to conserve wildlife as this is a vital part of the ecosystem,” he said.
Eddy also underscores the need for more awareness on this key issue, especially at the village level so that the locals understand the importance of preserving wildlife. “This may help in reducing poaching activities,” he says.
He is also of the opinion that villagers need to understand the consequences or punishments as per the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 which states that a person can be jailed for 3 years for such offences. “Most of the people are not aware of this and therefore they continue with these habits especially because I am witnessing that this is continuing especially in the Lakroh area and also other parts of the War – Jaintia area,” he said.