Meghalaya-Assam border talks to be held soon

Shillong, July 9: Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said today that the border talks between Assam and Meghalaya will be held very soon.
“Officially very soon we (CMs of both the states) will be meeting,” Sangma informed during a weekly press briefing.
The Chief Minister however said unofficially, a lot of work is being done to find an amicable solution to this long pending issue, which has been affecting the people of the state especially those residing along the border.
He also said that almost 80 per cent of his time is spent on discussions about the border issues.
On the wishes of the Centre for resolving boundary disputes among the Northeastern states before the 75th year of India’s Independence, Sangma said that he feels it is very fair on the part of the Centre to make such an appeal since even after 75 years, states are still fighting for their borders and it is reflecting too well for the state and the country.
The CM however said, “For 50 years we could not find it but with the new leadership coming in Assam and with the kind of political environment we have in the North-East especially the different understanding we have at the CM’s level, we are able to discuss this matter in a much more detailed manner compared to what it was before.”
“We could look at the discussion and this could be a good time to take the discussion forward if we could take all stakeholders on board, we will have a big consultation and try to discuss as many people as possible so that everybody’s voice is heard and try to see if we can actually work it out,” he added.
Expressing optimism that a solution can be arrived at to end the dispute, Sangma said, “I feel we can find a solution if we put our hearts and minds together, but it is not easy.
I am a person who is positive, who believes in trying, who believes that people deserve it. This government is committed to it and we are trying our best.”
On the suggestion for adopting a give and take policy, the CM however refused to comment by saying “Let us not go into the details of this allows us to do more homework”.