Mukul urges people to boost immunity

Shillong, May 19: Leader of Opposition and former Chief Minister Mukul Sangma today asserted the importance for every citizen to boost up their immune system to fight against Covid-19.
Addressing media persons here today, Sangma said this is because the fatality rate due to the virus is concentrated among the younger population.
“I had my own analysis after discussion with many of my friends from the medical fraternity and scientific community, there are reasons to believe that the way of life of millennial children is a matter of concern because the physical activity is minimum, the exposure to the sun which provide space to any individual to have enough of vitamin D is a matter of concern and the food habits, the junk foods – we need to take care of all these, course correction to build up the immune system,” he said while urging the doctors and nutritionists to talk more on this important aspect.
“A lot of research work has been done by many of the scientists and advisories were given on how to build up the immune system. Anybody who has low Vitamin D level will take time for recovery from any disease. Therefore, boosting up your immune system and ensuring you keep changing your food habits becomes very crucial,” Sangma said.
On the other hand, the former chief minister further urged people to refrain from buying self-prescribed medicines to treat symptoms of Covid-19.
“I am cautioning everybody not to misuse medicines. As many know the names of medicines being prescribed by doctors for positive patients – they are buying steroids left and right and overusing, misusing resulting in suppression of immunity. Please don’t self-prescribe and please don’t go to pharmacies and buy medicines for self-medication. This is a dangerous trend and by doing this, we will only allow the virus to readapt and mutate,” he warned.