Namdong A slams Dolloi

Jowai, Sept 19: The Dorbar Shnong of Namdong – A has come down heavily on the Dolloi of Elaka Nongjngi who did not convene a village court to settle a land dispute case between Namdong A and one Romario Sungoh.
The Revenue officer of the JHADC has given time till September 15 for this matter to be addressed in spite of which the Dolloi, Copiousness Daw has left the matter pending even after this deadline has elapsed.
Commenting on this, the secretary of Namdong – A, Shiningstar Thubru said that the Dorbar Shnong has filed a complaint with the Revenue Officer after it found out that Romario Sungoh was planning to apply for a Land Holding Certificate over land which belongs to the village.
As per a report filed by the Revenue officer to the Chairman / Secretary of the Village Court of Elaka Nongjngi, Sungoh is in possession of a land patta which states that lumkseh was acquired by him from a resident of Mookyrdup, Ladthadlaboh, Jowai as per a sale deed dated 30/06/20.
The Dorbar Shnong of Namdong A has accused the Dolloi of steamrolling the matter even though it had filed a complaint in this matter and also in spite of the very clear instructions given by the Revenue Officer JHADC.
Condemning the Dolloi for his actions, the Dorbar Shnong opined that he has no idea about the land ownership in the Elaka. “He has even changed the name of Khlieh Lamanang Mynksing Thadthawi to Myrlein which is not under the jurisdiction of Namdong and Raij Namdong,” the members of the Dorbar Shnong said.