NGEA accuses local leader of interference

Tura, Jun 3: The Non-Gazetted Employees Association (NGEA) today accused a local leader, Andresh Marak of interfering in their agitation to get their 35 months pending salary.
The NGEA has been in a protracted battle to get their dues with the GHADC administration agreeing to pay only 5 months salary to the employees citing lack of funds. The NPP led EC has further appealed to the NGEA to withdraw their agitation, something that the NGEA leaders have not agreed to.
The NGEA in a release today stated that Andresh had been interfering in their agitation and even tried to negotiate between employees and the GHADC administration to accept the 5 months salaries being given.
A scathing personal attack was also made by the joint secretary, Flaming Marak on the domestic situation of Andresh Marak and his recent loss in the MDC election from the Balachanda constituency.
“He has continuously tried to cause disunity and made false and incorrect accusations on social media. He tried to convince us to take the 5 month salary and when we didn’t accept it, he called us third class people,” said Flaming.
The NGEA questioned the credentials of Andresh for his alleged attempts to broker a deal between them and the NPP led EC, asking as to what personal interest he had in the matter.
Reacting to the allegations, Andresh has warned of action against the joint secretary adding that a police complaint was being filed against them for making personal attacks against him.