NGEA urges PM to intervene in GHADC affairs

Tura, Jun 14: The Non-Gazetted Employees Association (NGEA) has submitted a written appeal to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi seeking a CBI probe into accusations of various cases of misappropriation of central funds given to the GHADC for development.
The complaint to the PM comes after RTI reports showed huge misappropriation in the amounts received by GHADC from Niti Aayog under central schemes meant for the development of Scheduled areas. While most of the money has been withdrawn, most projects, as per the findings by the NGEA remain incomplete or untouched.
In the letter, the NGEA mentioned that amounts to the tune of Rs 100.71 crore, Rs 28.66 crore, Rs 13.6 crore, Rs 31 crore, Rs 24.53 crore, Rs 20.17 crore and Rs 18.2 crores was received by the GHADC from the centre.
“The above-mentioned amounts have been received and withdrawn but there has been little implementation of projects. A proper inquiry into the matter is a must to find the amount of misappropriation that took place and the officers, MDCs and contractors that are responsible for such misappropriation” said the NGEA.
The NGEA mentioned two projects from the Rs 100.71 crore wherein amounts of over Rs 6 crore (Sanjay Sangma) and Rs 5.82 crore (Twinkle Newar Sangma) were sanctioned, both of who are relatives of Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma. The NGEA alleged that both projects are far from completion and showed the malaise that the GHADC suffered.
“From the Rs 100.71 crores, an amount of Rs 69.21 crore was withdrawn and as has been told to us, the remaining amount will be returned to the central government due to non-implementation of projects. Most projects under this scheme have not seen implementation despite the money being released,” added the NGEA.
A similar situation apparently prevails in the other amounts received by the GHADC as well, which the NGEA stated pointed to severe misappropriation in the GHADC.
The NGEA, through their letter, has sought an inquiry into the matter by either the CBI or an independent body to get to the bottom of the misappropriation and book those responsible for it under the appropriate sections of the law.
An email on the matter was sent by the NGEA to the official email id of the PM’s office today, June 14.