NGOs act on termination of locals

Nongpoh, June 1: The termination of 15 locals from their posts as security guards at the Indian Council Agricultural Research (ICAR), Umiam in Ri Bhoi district has infuriated the KSU and the RBYF which locked up the said office today.

Members of these two NGOs descended on the campus of the ICAR and chased away all the faculty members along with the Director of the centre.

The members of the two NGOs said that the locals were suddenly terminated with no notices being served to them in spite of them occupying these posts for the last few years. They also alleged that the ICAR authority has recruited ex-servicemen to serve in their place as security guards.

Member of KSU and RBYF led by Banjop Maring, president of KSU Eastern Border Area and Kynsai Nengnong, President RBYF Eastern Border along with their members thronged into the campus of ICAR and met the ICAR Director Vinay Kumar Mishra to discuss the matter.

However, after the discussion, the members of KSU and RBYF chased away all the staff of ICAR along with the director and also shut down the ICAR office.

Receiving information about what was happening, police personnel from Umiam rushed to the spot to address the situation.

Banjop Maring and Kynsai Nengnong later said that the organizations were shocked to learn that over 15 locals who has been serving the ICAR for the past 3 years were terminated without any valid reason which has now forced the two NGOs to take temporarily close the office of ICAR in Umiam.

They also stated that the director was not willing to cooperate or listen to the pleas of the organization in reinstating the terminated security guards but supported the appointment of ex-servicemen to serve the council as the security guards.

Moreover, the Confederation of Ri Bhoi People (CoRP) has also expressed deep concern over this sudden termination of the 15 locals. The organisation has vowed to stand with the local youth who have lost their jobs during these trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the three NGOs have lambasted one Alphas Bareh who is running a recruitment agency and is said to be providing security services to ICAR. They alleged that he has failed to pay the pending salaries of the security guards for the last four months and also failed to submit the EPF summary to ICAR.