NK Naga makes inroads into Bollywood

Preetty Chambugong Marak
Shillong, June 18: For many of us, music is what soothes the ear and lightens the mood but for NK Naga it is totally different. Such is his love for music that any good tune will get him crooning, regardless of the genre. “There is no specific genre that I prefer but Pop music has a tendency to daw me in,” he says. This diversity is also seen in his choice of language for the songs where he primarily sings in Bengali but is also delving into other languages.
This love for music is innate in NK Naga whose parents also dabbled in the art. His father was a drummer while his mother was a singer come guitarist. “Music for me is an emotion and also I regard myself as a bridge where I can connect people through music,” he says.
Having a love for music from an early age, NK Naga has always dreamed of singing for Bollywood and through sheer grit and determination, he has made this dream a reality. He was discovered by Bollywood and a director cum producer contacted him, asking him to send in some of his work. “They observed for 6 months and after that documented me an appointment letter to sing for their upcoming films. The happiest day of my life as my dream was fulfilled” he says.
Through this, NK Naga has now joined an elite group of musicians from the North East who have worked or are presently working in Bollywood. “Northeast is a land of music where thousands of artists comes up every day, many famous musicians are from northeast who are working inside Bollywood industry,” he says.
NK Naga has a lot of accolades under his belt. He has won the 2017 Geet Zindagi ki (Northeast), he was adjudged 1st runner up of a semi classical Bengali singing competition for singers from the North East, he won the Mahatma Gandhi song composition contest, he won the Nagaland music awards 2019 under the Pop category, B&K special mentioned music award, and he has also received the National Patriotic song award. Besides this, he is also the first Naga Hindi singer whose song had been played as background music in the serial Retd. Maj. K. Kuotsu aired on DD National TV and produced by Film & shots Mumbai. He is also the first Naga Hindi singer to feature on national Television (B4U music channel).
However, like all other artists, NK Naga’s career has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic where all his projects have been temporarily stopped for now. “Artists like me are suffering in many ways,” he says.
But it is without doubt that NK Naga will ride out this present storm as he has done with other problems in the past. He has risen to fame in spite of not having any support during the early part of his career. He brushes aside malicious criticism and soldiers on. “A famous singer from my own state once told me that I don’t deserve to be a singer and that was very painful for me but I did not let it dissuade me,” he says.
Using his experiences as an example, NK Naga is now urging all budding singers and musicians to follow their dreams. “There will be a lot of problems along the way but if you persevere you will realise that there is a vacancy in every road to success, you just have to make yourself eligible to walk it,” he says.