No headway in attempts to rescue trapped miners

Khliehriat, June 6: Authorities are yet to make any breakthrough in their attempts to rescue 5 miners who have been trapped in a coal mine in East Jaintia Hills district for the last five days.
The authorities are presently engaged in rescue attempts to save the miners who were trapped in the mine after an explosion in the abandoned mine in Umpleng under East Jaintia Hills district.
As per information provided today, the rescue teams of NDRF and SDRF verified the level of the water before resuming the dewatering process and found that the level of the water recedes to about 10 feet from the level of the previous day.
The rescue operation today was not without mishaps as a pipe from the submersible water pumps got dislodged which proved to be a minor hindrance to the rescuers. This however was rectified and dewatering resumes till filing of this report under the supervision of the NDRF and SDRF.
At present 4 water pumps are being used and 2 more water pumps have been fitted in the latter part of the day and will be put to use.
Further, the District Administration is mobilizing more equipment like generator set, water pumps, pipes, cables to be put to use at the abandoned shaft suspected to be connected with main shaft as soon as confirmation from the technical persons from the office of the Director of Land Records is received.
Further the rescue equipment will be installed immediately. The District Administration have mobilized additional local manpower in advance to jointly work with the NDRF, SDRF and police in de-watering the abandoned shaft once they get the go-ahead from the survey team. The Director of Land Records is expected to start the survey early tomorrow.