No respite for Thomas Sangma in rape case

Tura/Shillong, June 7: The woman who has accused Thomas A Sangma of raping her has denied any talk of withdrawing the case against the North Tura MLA.
This comes comes in the wake of speculation amongst the political and state’s elite and even through media circles of the woman withdrawing her complaint.
“She has categorically stated that she has no intention to withdraw the case at this point in time,” said her lawyer, Pillan T Sangma, over the phone from Shillong.
Informing further about the victims’ situation, Pillan said that the victim was unwell due to which she has not been able to complete the medical tests as is required. She would be doing so once her health improves. The victim had given her statement to the investigating officer (I/O) at Shillong earlier.
The advocate has also filed a petition under section 301 (A) to allow the private counsel to assist the public prosecutor and to make submission to the court on behalf of complaint
Meanwhile, as per sources, an anticipatory bail in the case has been filed by the North Tura MLA but due to the absence of the public prosecutor, the matter is expected to be taken up tomorrow.
Sangma has been accused by the victim of a sexual relationship in lieu of marriage after the victim in her complaint stated that the MLA had promised to divorce his wife and marry her. While investigation into the matter is currently on, the victim has asserted that she is pregnant with the child of the MLA and had been asked to abort the child by him.
The case that has been filed by the victim has led to a tremendous amount of interest in state circles. This has led to many social media users, apparently in an effort to defend the MLA, begin victim shaming her. Details of her life, photos and family have also been widely circulated on social media, something that should have prompted the State’s Women’s Commission to take up urgently.
Reacting to the situation, her advocate said that the victim is mulling another FIR against those trying to defame her and will take a call once she is in better health.