No stone unturned in the path to success

Shillong, Aug 27:

In these times of struggle and turmoil, some people still pursue and strive in what they believe in and they go to their limits to achieve their goals. An example of this grit and perseverance is Apkyrmenskhem Tangsong.

Apkyrmenskhem comes from the locality of Nongpiur, Upper Shillong. He comes from a humble family and began his carrier in music as a youngster. He is currently pursuing his degree in music in St. Anthony’s College Shillong and is a hard working musician.

This hard work and determination reflects in the various efforts that he has taken up to establish himself in a competitive market and make a living out of, even in these trying times. As a musician he has made a mark as a composer, producer and sound recording artist. He is a self-taught videographer, editor and also has a production house by the name SAWA JAM.

While pursuing his degree in music, he constructed a studio at in his residence and has been working and earning from it since. Not averse to hard work, Apkyrmenskhem pitched in to construct the studio, pouring blood and sweat into the arduous task of ensuring its completion.

Apkyrmenskhem now undertakes various local based projects including some church projects and has thriving since. He has been a performer ever since he was a teenager and has put all his earnings and efforts into his endeavors.

“My biggest support and encouragement has come from my family,” Apkyrmenskhem says.

While many are griping about the hardships under the present COVId-19 situation, a person like Apkyrmenskhem is a reflection of how being a positive and forward thinking individual is all that is needed to make a mark, however small in the journey to better things in life regardless of the obstacles we face.