Open dump yard in city

Shillong is losing its charm each day as its citizens become reluctant about keeping the city clean and green. There are several pockets in the city which have open dumps and locals indiscriminately dispose of garbage at those points.
One such appalling site is on the way to Jhalupara from Rilbong Point. The dump site is along the main road on the slope. I have been seeing the dump yard for years now. A signboard that stands instructs citizens to refrain from dumping garbage at the point but the message has not been delivered. This is because people are continuing dumping making it difficult to walk on a portion of the footpath. This is besides the stench that fills the air.
When tourism was vibrant in the state in the pre-Covid period, then all tourist vehicles would take the route to enter the main city. What would have the tourists thought when they had seen the open vat? While a huge billboard welcomes visitors to the beautiful city of Shillong, the dump yard spoils the mood. It is an eyesore and the government should take note of it. Instead of spending lakhs on making tourism promotional videos, it can spend some amount on constructing a proper dustbin, or even better, it should strictly prohibit dumping garbage there and must impose penalty for doing so. If the erring individual cannot be caught hold of, then the entire locality should be penalised so that it deters anyone from repeating the mistake.
Name withheld,
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