PDS rice put up for sale in Mairang

Mairang Sept 13: In a shocking turn of events, rice which is supposed to be distributed to low income families under the Public Distribution System (PDS) was put up for sale at Mairang today.
This matter came to the fore when a truck bearing registration number No AS 17B 3791 was stopped today at Pyndengumiong station in Mairang while it was on its way to transporting these bags of rice.
Meanwhile, the SDO of Mairang Civil Sub-division, A. Nongbri informed that officials from the Food and Civil Supply department had rushed to the spot upon hearing of the incident at around 10:30 am and conducted an inquiry into the matter. “A FIR has also been immediately filed at Mairang Police Station,” Nongbri.
Nongbri also said that the officers have confirmed that the bags are of PDS rice which is supposed to be delivered to low income families as has been ascertained from the markings on these bags.
“We are yet to ascertain where this rice was supposed to be delivered as the people driving the truck were nowhere to be found,” the SDO said. Meanwhile, sources informed that 50 bags each were delivered to two shops in Mairang while another 100 bags were delivered to another shop.
Those who had bought the rice said that they were offered this rice while others said that they had ordered it. These shop owners also gave conflicting information on the price of the bags of rice that they had procured with some saying that this was at a lower price, others saying that this was at the normal price while the rest said that they did not even know the price as they have not negotiated the same with the people selling the rice.