Plea made for resumption of trade with Bangladesh

Shillong, June 27: The Meghalaya International Exporters Chamber of Commerce (MIECC) has urged the state government to allow reopening of international trade with neighbouring Bangladesh.

“(We) urge the government of Meghalaya to kindly permit and allow the international trade to resume and enable the people to continue to earn their livelihood,” MIECC said in a statement issued today.

The organization also reminded that MIECC which consist of exporters who are revenue earners for the state government are also facing loss and financial encumbrances during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic due to continued suspension of international trade through all the land ports in Khasi-Jaintia Hills region.

It said the MIECC also expressed its concern for the livelihood of the people depending on import-export between the two neighbouring countries, right from the daily wage labourers, drivers and billing staff besides others who are facing insurmountable crisis and are struggling to manage their livelihood as income generation is curbed for the past two months due to the suspension of the formal trade. “It is however surprising to see that informal trade via the border, especially in Jaintia Hills is very active and there is no bar from the government particularly the health department as to why one in formal trade that the question of Covid-19 restrictions arises whereas it chooses to turn a blind eye on the other. Hence this resulted to the closure of the formal trade till date,” the MIECC said.