Police band charts a hit song

Shillong, June 11: With all the negative emotions associated the Covid-19, the Meghalaya Police Band has come up with a song to lift the morale of one and all which has become an overnight hit especially on social media.
Widely circulated now, ‘Aao Khaye Kasam’ as the song is known, a vibrant composition of Bekash Gurung featuring him and his 6 other companions.
“Recently my colleague expired due to Covid-19, he was very hard working, and my council sister is working as a nurse, so I saw her working so hard no rest, I got the inspiration to write,” Bekash said.
Speaking about composing the song, Gurung said, “It took me two months to write the lyrics of the song, after finishing my work every night I worked on the lyrics.”
The Meghalaya Police Band was launched in 2018, with Bekash Gurung being the vocalist of the band.
“In Meghalaya song reaches the people, it is very important. This is my first attempt in song writing,” the SI said.
“Though this song I aim to motivate the public, everyone, it is a tribute to the frontline warriors, some of whom have succumbed to this virus while the fight continues,” he explained.