Poor road condition irks GSMC


Tura, Oct 23: The Garoland State Movement Committee (GSMC), Pedaldoba unit has complained to the deputy commissioner of West Garo Hills (WGH) over the extremely poor condition of a road between Pedaldoba and Rabugong Bazaar.

The complaint, which was sent on October 21, came after a video conference between the members of the unit who wished to highlight the road condition and the inconvenience faced by them due to it.

“This road between Pedaldoba and Rabugong Bazaar under Raksamgre Civil Sub Division is filled with potholes and is in extremely poor condition. The residents of the area have been facing tremendous inconvenience due to the same road,” said unit chairman, Rimjen Sangma.

As per the NGO, the road happened to get washed away during the devastating floods in 2014 after which a sanction was made in the year 2017-18. The cost of road repair is estimated to be Rs 94 lakhs and the time given for completion was 9 months.

However despite two years passing, the road is yet to be completed.

“It seems the contractor is not interested in taking corrective measures and working slow. He has neglected his duty due to which the road has remained undone,” said Sangma.

GSMC highlighted the importance of the road saying it was vital doe students, officers and even hospital cases. Even the potholes, they alleged had become breeding ground for mosquitoes as there was always stagnant water in it.

“Even a small downpour is enough to anguish the people and lead to car accidents due to hazard the road poses. We seek the intervention of the departments concerned on the situation,” said Sangma.