Restoration of Mawphlang – Balat road in the works

Shillong, Sept 16: Deputy Chief Minister in charge PWD (Roads) Prestone Tynsong has informed that permanent restoration works of the Mawphlang Balat road is in progress.

Replying to a zero hour notice moved by Mawsynram legislator Himalaya Shangpliang in the Assembly today, Tynsong said due to the excessive rains on August 14 (492.6 mm as per the daily observed rainfall of the Meteorological Centre, Shillong), the road formation at the 60th Km, chainage 59200.00m of Mawphlang Balat road subsided.

He said the length of the subsided portion was found to be 50 metres – leading to the road being cut off.

He said as the road was cut off to traffic and pedestrian movement, the pedestrians who wanted to get to either side of the cut off-road, had to walk through the muddy jungle path on the hill.

Due to the rain, this path became slippery and difficult to traverse.

However, the office of the executive engineer, PWD (Roads), Mawsynram Division managed to construct a temporary footbridge on August 16 – in order to alleviate the problems faced by the pedestrians to traverse the cut off portion.

It is also worth mentioning that the area continued to receive heavy rainfall from August 13 up to August 25.

This had severely affected the pace of the temporary restoration work that is the construction of a subway.

“Nevertheless, the construction of the subway was completed on August 27 and the road  was opened to light and medium vehicles carrying goods and passengers,” Tynsong said while informing them that plying into heavy vehicles is prohibited until the permanent restoration work is completed.