Reticulated python recovered near Phulbari

Staff Reporter

Tura, Sep 30: A 12 foot long python which had coiled itself up on bamboo posts inside a cow shed of a person’s house in Gopalthan Village was safely recovered by the Forest Department of GHADC, before being handed over to state forest authorities.

As per sources, the snake was discovered by the house owner when he visited the shed after which he informed the rest of the village, who then passed on the information to the GHADC forest officials following which the department helped in capturing the reptile.

The incident happened today at 8 am and the python was captured and safety put in a bag by about 9 am.

“We had to be very careful with the python, as it was aggressive in the beginning when crowds began to come in. We were able to capture it without harming the animal through the help of some volunteers. It was caught head-first after a struggle and put into a gunny sack. However we later transferred it into a bigger fish carton,” said a forest official of GHADC from Phulbari, Symond D. Shira.

The volunteers from a local NGO, CEPARD assisted in safely catching the python.

The DFO of Wildlife, Arpiiyush Sangma was also informed on the matter, following which a state wildlife team was dispatched to the spot to bring back the captured reptile and the same is expected to be released back in the wild, away from human habitation.

The reticulated python (Malayopython reticulatus) is a species of snake in the family Pythonidae and is native to South Asia and Southeast Asia. It is the world’s longest snake and in some cases it is known to have killed and eaten humans.

Similar sightings have been reported earlier from other areas in the plain belt of Garo Hills and quite a few of them have been captured and rescued by the Wildlife Department.