Saga of empty bottles

The city is turning into an open garbage for night drinkers who think it is appropriate to dispose of empty bottles anywhere. Every morning when I go out for a walk, I spot at least 10 bottles within a few yards near my house. Not only that, the bottles are everywhere. In every locality, lanes and by lanes are strewn with liquor and beer bottles. Some are dumped near public dustbins, probably the guzzlers in their drunkenness could not identify the vats. I found disposed bottles in front of schools too and this is not a new phenomenon. In the past when schools were functioning regularly, I have seen bottles lying near school campuses. Not that we can expect much from reckless drinkers but at least some basic civic sense is always required. At times, one can see shards of glass from a broken bottle scattered on the road. It must be the work of some over-enthusiast drunkard who wanted to prove his vain point by breaking a bottle. This is dangerous, especially inside forested areas within the city where morning walkers are aplenty. Drinking is not uncommon and such reckless disposal of bottles has become a norm. In such a scenario, every locality head should take extra pain to clear the bottles as these are not setting a good example for our children. Also, a plea to all drinkers who prefer to dispose of bottles in the out, “Find a dustbin and throw the empty bottles and don’t break them.” I wonder what visitors to our state thought about the people here. I also wonder what kind of a smart city the government is planning when its citizens are so undisciplined and they lack civic sense. 
Name withheld
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