SSA teachers compelled to demand release of salaries

Tura, Oct 11: SSA teachers under the aegis of All Garo Hills SSA School Teachers’ Association (AGHSSASTA) have once again demanded that the state government releases their 4 months salaries that have been left pending.
The latest request by the teachers for the release to be done before the before the start of Durga Puja comes amidst several other similar requests over the past few years. SSA teachers have been one of the worst affected lots of teachers, with salary payments being irregular and sometimes missing for close to 6-7 months. The teachers have had to resort to agitations to get what is rightfully theirs.
“We are the worst sufferers. Irregular salaries have not only affected the quality of our lives but also those of our families. We have been struggling to meet our daily expenses during COVID with no salaries. The steep rise in prices has made things even worse,” said president, LG Momin.
The teachers added that they, on several occasions, approached the education authorities as well the state government for the release of their salaries. While they were assured of their salaries being released after the PAB for 2021-22 is received, nothing has borne fruit for them yet.
“The vision of our CM is to bring education to the top of the priority list and we expected the situation to get better for us. However, the chaos in the education department has remained. It is really saddening that some of our colleagues lost their lives due to having no money for their treatment,” added general secretary, B Ch Marak.
The teachers felt that their situation under the current government is worse than what they faced during the previous one.
“As a state with a mixed community, some of our colleagues are waiting for their salaries to celebrate Durga Puja. This year too they are left with empty pockets before the start of their biggest festival.
The teachers have demanded that the state’s education department release the salaries of the SSA teachers before the advent of Pujas so that everyone can celebrate the festive season.