Success smells like tungrymbai in Dawki: Wanphrang Diengdoh

Staff Reporter

Shillong, Sep 14: 108 media – one of the global distribution business delivering compelling and concise content solutions has picked up Meghalaya’s own award-winning documentary/non-fiction filmmaker and music producer, Wanphrang K Diengdoh movie Lorni – The Flaneur.

108 media which scouts for unique, diverse and compelling content and has partners like HBO, Netflix, Hulu and Astro have acquired the world sales rights of Lorni.

It will be pitched by 108 Media on the side lines of the Toronto International Film Festival this week.

“Success smells like tungrumbai in Dawki on a winter’s evening,” said Diengdoh when asked about his first reaction on his movie being picked up by 108 media.

“It is a huge landmark in the sense that it is one of those films from the state that has really done its circuit and has been screened in almost all the known festivals,” he added.

Giving an insight to his movie, Diengdoh said, “In the film Lorni that I made starring Adil Hussain, I wanted to show to the world that we can create content that is of international standards that has quality to it but still deeply rooted in the context and philosophies and the tradition of the people that comes from this place”.

“It is such a joy to see that even if we don’t have a blooming film industry there is a huge capacity for this place to also nurture a film making talent from the region,” he added.

Informing that he started ten years ago and have situated almost all of his films in Meghalaya, Diengdoh said, “The city itself has given me an immense amount of knowledge that I have put into my films and music”.

Enquired how challenging the journey has been, Diengdoh said, “It has been difficult as most of the post production facilities are not available here. I had to go all the way to Mumbai to get things done fortunately the people I work with in Mumbai are extremely helpful. They saw what I was trying to do and they shared my vision. It was really encouraging”.

He informed that most of the post production team from Lorni are locals between the ages of 25 and 26 years.

“This goes on to show that we also have that capacity in our state and if the right kind of energy and motivation is put in, the industry can also see itself at par with the rest of the country,” he observed.

On his content be it music or films having a touch of day to day Meghalaya in it, Diengdoh said, “The streets form a lot of my art. I premise most of my works with this whole ethos of the Khasi philosophy but it does not mean just because you are Khasi you are antagonistic towards other communities”.

“It is an all embracing philosophy which centres around respect for humanity respect for people around you. Perhaps that is why all of my works are always situated from the place I come from,” he added.

In a message to budding film makers of the state, Diengdoh said, “One should have perseverance to consistently and constantly keep on doing what you are trying to do.”

“It is a long road a long journey and film making is a process that takes sometimes even years for that matter”.

“I think if you channelize all your good intentions towards doing something there is always a reward at the end of the day.  Reward may not necessarily mean that the film is screened at a festival it could simply mean you have done something and felt good about it,” he added.

108 Media will be producing Diengdoh’s next two films, “Death” (aka “Iaw-Paw”) and “Stories of the Street,” which are part of his “Trauma Trilogy.”