SWGH crying for drinking water

Tura, July 26: The Garo Students Union (GSU) of the Garobadha region of South West Garo Hills (SWGH) has written to the PHE minister, Renikton Lyngdoh Tongker seeking his intervention to address the extreme scarcity of drinking water in the region.
The NGO stated that the entire Garobadha area has been facing acute water crisis with the department being at the helm of most of the problems being faced by the area.
“The population of the area has increased over the years and the lack of hygienic water for consumption and utilization has been a problem. Earlier the PHE had installed a 90 HP water pump for the area but it was replaced with a 75 HP one for reasons best known to them,” said Bibian Momin, the general secretary.
He asserted that daily life was becoming a grind as there was not enough water for consuming, cooking or other household activities.
The NGO added that even with the implementation of the proposed Greater Water Supply Scheme (GWSS) that was yet to see the light of day in the area, an immediate solution to the problem was required.
Hoping for a quick solution to the water woes faced by residents of the area, the NGO sought the installation of a 100 HP pump while also asking for the quick completion of the GWSS for the area.