Teachers reiterate demand for equal pay

Tura, Jul 14: The All Meghalaya 4th Teachers Association in Garo Hills has submitted another memorandum to Education Minister, Lakhmen Rymbui urging him to look into the grievances faced by the teachers.
The teachers sought the enhancement of their salaries at par with other SSA UP teachers in the state. Currently SSA 4th teachers are given a stipend of only Rs 12,000 while other teachers are given over Rs 20,000 despite the fact that all of them do the same job.
The memo submitted yesterday follows from their original memo sent to the Education Minister on October 9, last year.
“The rule of law is very clear on the matter that there has to be equal pay for equal work. We have the same qualifications, have been recruited the same way and work in the same manner, so the remuneration should also be the same,” the teachers stated.
Earlier the teachers in February this year had been assured by the education minister that the issue would be taken up with the CM. Even during the last assembly session, replying to a question by Congress MLA, HM Shangpliang, the minister had assured that the matter would be resolved.
“However despite all this, nothing has happened for us. Since 2017, the other SSA teachers have been receiving the above-mentioned salary and we have time and again submitted representations without anything happening for us,” they added.
The teachers pointed to the current market situation where increasing prices of commodities had made life difficult.
“Realistically Rs 12000 does not suffice, especially during the time of the COVID pandemic to sustain one’s family. Even purchasing rice, dal and other necessary commodities is becoming difficult with the amount of money being given to us. Currently, we can’t even dream of luxuries like fruits to boost our immunity,” said the teachers.
The teachers, through their memo, which was also given to the CM, have asked the Education Minister to speak to his cabinet colleagues on the issue and regularize their services and enhance their salaries at par with their colleagues.