Warning issued against social media posts insulting women

Tura, May 29: The West Garo Hills (WGH) district administration has come out strongly against online abuse of women, warning social media users against making comments, posts or videos that are insulting to the modesty of women.

The warning comes in the backdrop of many social media users, on both Facebook and Whatsapp circulating videos, pictures without the consent of the woman in question. In fact a recent social media influencer even went to the extent of equating the way women dressed for various crimes against them.

While the influencer’s post has been hammered by various local residents, many others too have been guilty of posting such offensive texts, videos and pictures, which show women in very poor light and in cases even seemed to encourage others to feel and act the same way. The influencer in question apparently is a self-proclaimed person of the Church. 

In a social media post on the administration’s media page, taken out yesterday, it was informed that various complaints have been received regarding individuals posting content on social media which insults the modesty of women. Further the order added that certain pages were publishing pictures or videos of women without their consent, violating the privacy, causing mental harassment etc.

“The complaints are being filed to the police to lodge FIR under various sections of the law including Section 66E of IT act, Section 292 and 509 of IPC. Such pages are being reported to be blocked,” said the order by the DC.

Further the administration has appealed to the general public to report such pages as obscene on social media, so that action can be taken against them. “We can sleep peacefully now. These so called groups and media influencers think they can get away with anything. Hopefully action against such hate posts that affect the dignity of women will be acted against. There can be no space for such unscrupulous behaviour in our society,” said Tura resident, Bernita Marak.