WeLoveU conducts clean-up campaign

Shillong, Aug 31: WeLoveU carried out a cleanup campaign titled ‘Clean World Movement’ in East Khasi Hills on August 29.
Around 65 members of the organisation and their families and neighbors took part in this clean-up campaign while adhering to Covid-19 guidelines. These efforts were largely confined to the main streets in East Khasi Hills district. “We have joined together in this campaign ‘Clean World Movement’, to preserve the global environment. I hope that more people will join us together.” said the WeLoveU.
Participants meticulously collected household garbage strewn all over the street. With East Khasi hills having a large floating population, the streets are sometimes littered with trash. During the campaign, 45 garbage bags were filled with pieces of plastic, paper waste, plastic bottles, flyers, cigarette butts and weed which were all collected from the road.
Shillong Municipal Board (SMB) thanked the WeLoveU for all their efforts in cleaning, and helped transport collected garbage with dustcarts.
Anthony Nongkhlaw, Headman of upland road Laitumkhrah, expressed his gratefulness and said, “I would like to give thanks to the International We Love You Foundation, to Chairwoman ‘Zahng Gil-Jah’ and to all members for carrying out this clean world movement today, and I would like you to do this quite often, so that it helps the cleanliness of the locality. I would like to appreciate you guys to keep on volunteering. Thank you”.
Alethea (25, Litumkhrah), who participated in the Clean World movement, said, “Today I have come to participate in the clean world movement to celebrate the international day of Clean Air for Blue Skies designated by the UN. The Chairwoman of Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, Zahng Gil-Jah has always taught us that we should look around and the surroundings and we should always take care of our neighbors with mother’s heart even in the midst of the difficult time, so following her teachings, we are here to clean Laitumkhrah main road to provide a good surrounding for our neighbors and I’m so glad to practice mother’s love with mother’s heart”
Intl. WeLoveU Foundation carries out the international environmental campaign ‘the Clean World Movement’. With a mother’s heart taking care of family, about 262,500 people from around the world have participated in this campaign, to protect the earth, considering the intimate relation between the environment and welfare.
Participants respond to climate change, global warming, and environmental pollution by purifying mountains, seas, rivers, cities and parks. WeLoveU has been taking the in the forefront of protecting the local environment, from each state as Meghalaya, Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Kerala.