West Garo Hills DC not above picking up garbage

Staff Reporter
TURA, Aug 07:
The selfless acts by many people of Garo Hills to ensure cleanliness is yet to have an impact on the other residents of the region as the amount of garbage strewn by miscreants, especially empty liquor bottles and cans.

Just this week, the Deputy Commissioner of West Garo Hills, Ram Singh and his family while visiting a popular picnic spot in Tura, ended up cleaning the garbage that was thrown around, carelessly.

In the midst of this, Singh has advised people to take care of their surroundings and ensure cleanliness, helping to protect these places as heritage spots.

On seeing the post, a social media user lambasted the behaviour of people calling them insensitive to the environment. He further asked, as to why basic etiquette is not being followed by people visiting places for picnics or sight-seeing.

“As an educated society, this does not behove of who we are. I am ashamed that we forget small things like cleaning up after ourselves. The situation will not improve until we take ownership like the DC and his family did,” he said.

The shame was further heaped when budding cricketers of the region had to forgo their practise for a day, in an effort to clean the ground they have been using. The cleaning drive led to the discovery of hundreds of alcohol bottles (broken and intact) thrown along the periphery of the ground.

These spots of public importance become a hub for unruly miscreants, who use the night as cover for their binge drinking and then dumping the waste in the same place where they were having a good time.

Recently the Tura District Cricket Association (TDCA) had taken a cleaning drive in the picturesque Alotgre Cricket Stadium. They were surprised at the amount of broken bottles they had to pick up, apparently from spectators that come there as well as other miscreants during their evening visits.

Many places of interest become grounds for miscreants, mainly after sunset when the alcohol flows and is too bothered to properly dispose of the waste – so it is either broken or kept for others to discover. The end result of course is the ignominy of the entire region being called crass just for the mistakes of a few uncouth elements.