We’ve to create opportunities

Arki Nongrum, former CEO of the Meghalaya Football Association and founder and CEO of Infinite Solutions, is a young and prolific sports promoter and had planned to work on uplifting sports at the grassroots level this year. Instead, he had an “unforgettable” experience this year. Nongrum shares his experience of the lockdown and the ongoing crisis.

What new projects have you worked on during the pandemic?
Have worked on the e-license course of the AIFF. This is a project of the Development Panel which I am part of.

How have sports industries in the North East suffered?
I think many industries have taken a hit and some thrived, but to suffer we can only understand that in a year or so. But I’m sure there have been a lot of setbacks for the sports industry. Hopefully, we can gain some momentum in the new year. However, I do hope that people in the industry have taken time to reflect on the past efforts through this year and learned lessons and prepared to build for the future.

How have you utilised the lockdown and pandemic?
Been busy with my other projects since I don’t deal with just sports and sporting events. My supplies arm and development arm of the company have been moving forward and we hope to do better in the coming years, along with sports and events.

Had there been no pandemic, what would have been your target this year?
I’m more of a sports promoter so without Covid we would have further worked on grassroots development projects as well as other sporting platforms for our athletes.

What are to be achieved in 2021?
So many things but primarily creating new opportunities.

Make a wish: In 2021, there will be…
No more pandemic.